8 Tips For Interesting Tiktok Videos
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There are tons of tips for Tiktok users to help them gain success. This article will show you how to make thrilling and trendy content. Let’s refer to it!

The two biggest concerns of every Tiktoker are to produce engaging content and make it viral. But how can your goals come true?

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We will share some tips for Tiktok users in terms of content. Let’s read on and be ready to become an influencer on this platform!

Tips For Tiktok To Make Your Content Interesting

The rule of thumb for an interesting video is the idea. You can do research or learn from other Tiktokers to picture the content in your mind first.

Tiktok gives some tools that turn your idea into a complete product. The best tools that most Tiktokers use are:

Voice effect

Do you like the robot or chipmunk narrative voice? You can add this effect to your video with the following steps:

  • Tap the “+” sign on your main feed to make a new clip.
  • Choose the record button.
  • Press on the checkmark to adjust the editing screen.
  • Choose “Voice” effects on the right side.
  • Tap on your favorite effect, and it will change the original audio to your desired tone.

Green screen effect

This tool is indispensable for each of your videos on this platform. It helps you transform the backdrop instantly without any studio or video required.

The instructions for using this effect are as follows:

  • Hit the “+” sign to create a new clip.
  • Choose the “Effects” option on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap on the green icon with a downward arrow to set a picture as the background.
  • Otherwise, click on the green icon with an upward arrow to use a video as the background.
  • Choose the video or picture you like and tap on the record button to change the background.
  • After filming, tap on the checkmark to edit your video.
  • Apply filter or voice effect and hit “Next” to upload your video.

Fun transitions

You may utilize built-in transitions to visually relate one video or scene to the next in the editing process.

People have also come up with inventive tricks to mix videos, such as the “snap,” “hide the camera,” etc.


Captions aren’t only helpful in attracting your audience or the viewers who may be watching your video with the muted sound; they also make your content open to users with hearing problems.

This video shows you five ways to add captions to your clip. Please check and apply to your next product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiyEiqBa7Qc

Tips For Tiktok To Make Your Videos Trendy

Every Tiktoker wants their videos to be on top. So how to make trendy content? There are multiple ways, but the following can work best.

Take advantage of the current trends.

TikTok applies the algorithm of prioritizing content depending on how popular it is and how many times people watch it.

As a result, you should create relevant videos that appeal to your target demographic using trendy tags and memes.

Unlike other social networking sites, this platform demands you to be directly engaged to stay up with the current trends.

Tiktokers can search for content using trendy hashtags, which may help them reach a new audience.

Taking advantage of current trends might help you widen your creativity and dig into the material you already know interests viewers.

Use partnership

Forming a collaboration with an influencer may help you gain attention and awareness.

For example, instead of singing on your own, you can invite a famous Tiktoker to join. Then, your clip will have a higher chance of being trendy.

Balance promotion and entertainment

Promoting yourself is crucial. However, if you focus too much on this aspect, your products may become dull.

People join this platform to entertain. As a result, before planning any idea, make sure that your audience finds it entertaining.

Sense of humor

Having fun and connecting with users is the greatest method to engage with them.

Research your niche and how to develop content that emphasizes your image. Making engaging and humorous films may help your product stand out.

Instead of focusing on the views, have fun producing content, and the crowd will follow.


The only thing that limits your content is your creativity. Try to watch more videos from other users and develop your ideas daily.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!


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