How to Win on TikTok eBook – 4 Strategies To Promote Your Brand
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TikTok is the fastest emerging social platform and becoming a fantastic place for brands to make profits. But how? Stick to our How to win on TikTok eBook to explore!

Numerous brands are striving to build a strong presence on TikTok but are unsure how to exercise their influence.

TikTok is still new for many marketers and brands despite being a popular platform. Thus, they have no idea what opportunities it provides and the tips to achieve success.

This ‘how to win on TikTik eBook’ will offer various marketing hacks you should follow to expand your brand on this platform.

How does TikTok Work?

Videos are the core of TikTok. Even if companies intend to partner with influencers or content creators to promote their marketing, they should still create their own accounts to share riveting videos and content.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a TikTok account:

Your videos can last for one-minute maximum, so creating short, gripping, snappy videos is fantastic.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should make a video simply using your 40-second television advertisements.

You can record your video externally or in the application, then upload it to your account.

Users can also upload audio files to make their videos more appealing. The app gives them a direct approach to numerous music tracks with a searchable database.

They can interact with other users through shares, comments, likes, and views.

How to Win on TikTok eBook: How Should Marketers Use TikTok?

Below are the solid rules that successful marketers adhere to win and make profits on this social network:

  • Understand the app
  • Combine paid ads and influencers
  • Be transparent
  • Be authentic

Understand TikTok

Promoting brands on this platform is not straightforward. After a lot of work and effort, we’ve learned that winning on such a large platform requires an in-depth understanding of its ins and outs.

It is non-negotiable, allowing you to create ads that convert or appeal to your audience. In our experience, you need to understand:

  • Bidding methods
  • The app’s demographics
  • The impact of the app’s automated optimization
  • The significance of reaching the right customers
  • Advertisement best practices (the ‘safe zone,’ the impact of sound, video length, color consistency)

Ensure you understand the above concepts and their influences on your advertising performance to leverage your ads’ effectiveness.

Combine Paid Ads and Influencers

We’ve seen this question frequently among newbies: Should we concentrate on paid advertising campaigns, or should we stick to influencer campaigns? And usually, our answer is ‘both.’

The best approach is not one but to apply both strategies – running paid advertisements and hiring influencers.

In our experience, the most effective ad strategies can take advantage of the tremendous power of advertisements, hence the impactful campaigns that amazingly help target a broad audience.

Authentic, quality influencer content combined with strategic paid advertisements is the formula for winning on this platform.

Tomoson’s study suggests that every dollar splurged on influencer branding yields $6.50 for a company on average, with the highest point reaching 20$ in return.

Besides, most marketers admit that audiences successfully targeted through influencer branding are of better quality than those gained through other approaches, like organic search or email marketing.

A company’s paid advertisements should drive its influencer marketing – or vice versa.

You’d better view these two strategies as two equal entities of your marketing rather than two separate parts. They nourish each other, combining to push your enterprise forward.

Be Transparent

Transparency blends well with authenticity, which we’ll discuss in the last section.

The rules about divulging after receiving free stuff and sharing sponsored content are complex, yet the best idea is to always act on the cautious side.

Be clear about what message you want to convey.

Your videos should include clear content related to your brand with determined purposes, so viewers will know what you’re aiming for.

Be Authentic

Though once in a blue moon, brands that understand the basis of the platform and use influencers and paid ads can still lose on TikTok.

Today’s users can tell immediately if your video content is unsuitable for the community, gimmicky, or overproduced. That’s the fantastic aspect of the app: It requires authenticity.

While other advertising channels place a high premium on perfect, well-produced, scripted content, users on this platform love casual, playful, unique videos.

The most critical thing is an authentic content. Authenticity will make the connection between your audience and your brand more meaningful. 

Don’t be obsessed with selling products; your viewers will lose interest in your content. No one expects to watch overly commercial videos on this network.

Remember that advertisements on TikTok are still new, so users may not get used to them. Thus, ensure your content is authentic and valuable.

Indeed, there’s no alternative to authenticity, particularly in such a creative community.


Blatantly, there’s no method to ‘hack’ and master the app’s algorithm. Still, your branding process will see fruitful results if you create quality, relevant content and employ all the solid tips above.

Earning money on social media is never a breeze. Yet, we believe this mini How to win on TikTok eBook can help your hard work gain a payoff!


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