How To TikTok Dance Tutorial: Basic Things You Need To Know
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If you want to participate in viral dances on TikTok, don’t miss this article. How to TikTok dance tutorial for beginners? Let’s get into the details right now!

Dance is an excellent way to release stress and get your body moving. Everyone can do it as it is for the old,  the young, and all sizes and shapes. 

In 2022, when talking about dance, many people will immediately think of TikTok, which is all about viral dances. This platform is filled with fun short dance routines that you can watch for endless hours and share with friends.

If you do not have a dance background, short and difficult-to-follow guides on TikTok might be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun. 

Don’t worry! You are at the right place. Here is the “How to TikTok dance tutorial,” which covers the basics for beginners.

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How to TikTok Dance Tutorial?

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1/ “Relationship”

Step 1: Touch the Wrist as if You Are Checking Your Watch

Start by holding your right arm in front of you as if you are checking the time. Then, press on your right wrist twice with the other hand.

Step 2: Shake the Elbows and Hands Outward

This step refers to crossing your arms to form an “X.” Then, shake your arm down and up twice to get this “X” to move around.

Next, place both of your arms and fists on top of each other as if creating an equal sign. Then move the fists towards each other twice.

Step 3: Pretend You Are Making a Lasso Using the Left Arm

Raise your left arm and drive it in a circle, like you’re posing as one cowboy. 

Once you’ve got around your arm, move the left arm in a figure eight motion in front of the chest.

Step 4: Shake Fists Besides Your Head

You need to hold two arms at the right angle, so the fists are to the right and left of your head. Move fists forth and back next to the head within the “crazy” part.

Step 5: Move the Right Arm to the Shoulder the Clap Hands

For this step, you’ll need to keep your left arm at your side while bringing the right hand up to the left shoulder so that your right arm is crossed in front of your chest. After that, bring both hands forward and clap once.

Step 6: Point your Index Fingers Upwards While Flipping Them Around

You will need to bring your hands out in front of you and point your index fingers up. Tilt them around so that the back of the hand is facing forward.

Step 7: Swing Your Arms as if You Were Holding a Newborn

You must bring your arms together to form a large “O.” Then, move your arms back and forth like you would lull a baby.

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2/ “Footwork”

Step 1: Cross the Left Leg Over the Right One

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Patience is the key when practicing TikTok dance.

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. When the music starts, you must dance so that your left foot is facing forward and slightly crossed over the other. This move will take about four seconds.

Step 2: Cross the Right Leg Over the Left One

Return to your starting position with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Then, repeat the same jump with the right leg crossed over the left. This move should also take about four seconds.

Step 3: Jump Before Turn Knees Towards One Another

Return to the original position. Then shift knees, so they point outwards, followed by bending your knees toward each other while turning legs turned inwards as you go. This move will take about three seconds to perform.

Step 4: Perform Another Jump With Your Knees Point Outwards

This step refers to you shuffle legs fast, so your knees are facing outward rather than touching each other.

You might be a bit awkward at first, but don’t worry! This quick jump will last about one second.

Step 5: Continue Jump Again, but Your Knees Will Point Forward

You will still perform the same dance move as you did earlier, bringing your knees towards each other. Similar to the previous step, this move only lasts a second.

Step 6: Hop Onto the Heels While the Legs Should Face Outwards

You will need to jump so the feet will face out, shifting the balance to the heels instead. Attempt to prevent your toes from touching the ground within this part. This should last about two seconds.

Step 7: Jump One Again but Turn the Feet Inwards

It is time to shift your weight forward, so you will balance on your toes. Prevent your heels from hitting the ground at this step. This step only takes about a second.

Step 8: Cross the Right Leg Over the Left One

While balancing your toes, you need to jump and cross your right foot over your left. This last step lasts about a second.

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3/ Tips To Learn TikTok Dance

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You should oversee the video a few times before starting.

Step 1: Watch the Video Carefully

Initially, Tiktok dances might be complicated, especially if you try to imitate elaborate dances like “Savage” or “Supa Lonely.” So overseeing the video a few times before starting will let you know what the dance involves.

Step 2: Find the Slow-Motion Version of the Dance

Do a few searches on Tiktok or YouTube for the version of your favorite dance. It will allow you to follow the dance and figure out the basics quickly.

Step 3: Practice Before Your Mirror

Place a mirror in an open area where you can see your reflection, such as in your bathroom or bedroom. You can use this place as a dance space to compare your dance moves to the guide video.

Step 4: Learn the Moves in Minor Chunks

Repeat each small section of the dance so you may be familiar with each part. Patience is critical as TikTok dances are always challenging.

Step 5: Record to See Your Progress

There’s nothing better than reviewing your dance practice through recording, as it lets you know what you need to fix. Then, you can ask your friends to see it for real reviews.


We have shared with you some basics on how to learn TikTok dances. Let’s start with the two simplest dance tutorials, “Relationship” and “Footwork,” before trying more difficult ones. Don’t forget to watch the video for a better understanding.


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