How do I turn TikTok into dark mode on Android/ IOS?
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The dark mode is a lifesaver for those who do a lot of late-night and early-morning scrolling in bed. Let’s click to learn ‘how to dark mode TikTok’ now!

Many applications feature a dark mode, and TikTok is no exception. That mode allows you to scroll through interesting videos at 2 a.m. without feeling uncomfortable.

You may wonder “how to dark mode TikTok” for Android devices or iPhones for viewing pleasure. You will get the answer in this article.

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How to Dark Mode TikTok?

why does my tiktok not have dark mode
TikTok Dark mode is currently not available for Android devices.

1/ On Android

Currently, the Dark mode of TikTok is not available for Android devices. That means they are currently only able to use TikTok’s regular mode.

 Another alternative is enabling the dark theme for your system UI.

Step 1: Open the Setting application on your Android device.

Step 2: Press the Accessibility option.

Step 3: Under Display, enable the Dark theme.

Then, the dark theme will be applied to your Android system UI and supported applications, including the TikTok app.

2/ On an iPhone

tiktok dark mode android
The dark mode won’t cause any change in your experience when viewing videos.

Step 1: Open your iPhone and tap the TikTok application.

Step 2: Next, press the profile icon

Step 3: Tap the three horizontal lines icon

Step 4: Press the Dark mode option in the Content and Activity item.

Step 5: On the new screen that just pops up, two options are available: “Light” and “Dark.” Choose the “Dark” option.

When tapping the Dark option, the interface of your TikTok app will turn into dark mode.

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3/ On a Mac And Windows PC

heres how to turn on dark mode on tiktok
How to activate dark mode on PC, Laptop

At this point, only the iOS app benefits from the TikTok dark mode. Since there is no dedicated TikTok app for desktops, you will need the help of one third-party extension, and it is possible to access dark mode on Mac,  Windows, and Chromebook PC.

We are talking about the Turn Off Lights extension, which works excellently with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave.

Follow these steps to use this extension:

Step 1: Launch the Turn Off Lights extension from your favored browser.

Step 2: Scroll down to reach this page’s bottom to pick a download link that matches your browser.

Step 3: Depending on the browser’s security settings, you may have to allow the links to get downloaded.

Step 4: Once you have installed this extension, it should appear in the browser’s extensions menu. Its icon looks like a tiny gray lightbulb. 

Step 5: But before using this extension, you must adjust it:

  • Right-click on this tiny gray lightbulb icon in the browser.
  • Choose the “Options” item.
  • The extension page will pop up in one new tab of the browser.
  • From a menu on the left side of your screen, press the “Night Mode” option.
  • In the Dark Mode section, tick a checkbox beside the Show the Night switch button option.

Step 6: Once you complete the above steps, open a new page in the current browser, and you’ll see a switch at the bottom of your page. You can press it to change between Day and Night modes, which will work with TikTok.

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FAQs for Dark mode Tiktok

What is TikTok Dark Mode?

Tik Tok launched the dark mode in 2019. Many TikTokers have adored this mode.
The TikTok dark mode has many benefits, but the most important one is that it keeps the user’s eyes safe. So you can use Tik Tok for a longer time. Currently, this mode is not available for Android users yet.

Does Dark Mode Change the Way My Videos Look?

The short answer is No. TikTok’s dark mode will not cause any change in your experience when viewing TikTok videos. It only darkens all the other sections of your TikTok application, such as your profile or the Discover section.

When Is Dark Mode Coming to Android?

When we wrote this post, TikTok dark mode was unavailable for Android devices.
Lately, there have been rumors that TikTok developers are working on the dark mode feature for Android. If that is true, you can expect it to be rolled out soon.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Samsung Phones?

Start by going to Settings, choose Display, and tap Toggle on the dark mode/night mode to enable the dark theme.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should know how to turn on the TikTok dark mode. 

Android users will have to wait a little longer to use this mode on their devices. Yet, you can enable the dark theme for the system UI as a temporary alternative.

Considering that the TikTok app recently launched the dark/night mode for the latest version of iOS, hopefully, Android devices will get it soon!


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